Were taking the long way home

Hi I'm Tanya and I love bands who act like idiots

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daddy michael and his 18-year-old daughter having a screaming match across the living room because he’s just found out from you that she’s started dating a bad boy and she screams at him that he was like that when he was younger too and michael yells back THAT’S MY POINT, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT’S ON HIS MIND then his voice softens and he just pleads with her saying he couldn’t bear it if she got hurt

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so basically, the band wasn’t working out so calum got a job at youtube.

but that wasn’t working out, so he switched over to target. to save his good reputation, he took on the mysterious identity of “herbert”.

he got fired, and ended up in construction.

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just the calum girls knew how stressful it is to be a calum girl until today


he is so disrespectful to us… so rude wow

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